Jamaican woman in viral child abuse video likely to be deported from Trinidad and Tobago

October 28, 2015

The latest update on the case involving the Trinidad man and the Jamaican woman charged with child abuse reveal that the couple of are still behind bars.

According to the Trinidad media, both individuals had their court appearance on Sunday. The man, Dexter Gobin was granted bail in the sum of T&T $150,000 but was unable to meet that amount and is still in lock-up.

His wife, Yanique Taylor Gobin who is of Jamaican nationality was not granted bail. The reason behind the judge’s decision according to news reports stems from Mrs Gobin overstaying her time in the country.

According to the reports Mrs Gobin was in the country illegally for over two years before she got married to her co-accused.

THE STAR has not confirmed whether the woman will be deported.

The couple of was charged with wilfully assaulting a child and is slated to make their next court appearance on November 16.

The reports further revealed that no relative of the child showed up in court as the mother of the child is on the run because she is also a Jamaican national who overstayed her time in the country.

The child is said to be in the custody of her stepfather.