Tivoli Enquiry: Retired cop testifies of cemetery for gangsters in Tivoli

October 28, 2015

A retired senior police officer has revealed that there is a cemetery in Tivoli Gardens referred to as 'Heroes Park' which is reserved for the burial of respected gangsters.

"I am certain that 'Jah T' (Mark Coke) and 'Jim Brown' (reputed leader of the Shower Posse') are buried there," retired Senior Superintendent Delroy Hewitt testified before the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry this morning.

The testimony came as Hewitt, who served two stints as head of the West Kingston Police, provided a history of the Tivoli Gardens Gang, the enormous influence it wielded and the culture of silence among residents that aided its activities.

He testified that drug kingpin Christopher Dudus Coke ruled the West Kingston community with an iron fist aided by a culture of silence among residents.



" The penalty for breaching the principle laid down by him is death. The gang in Tivoli was the supreme gang, it was well organised and well armed," he said.

Hewitt acknowledged that a majority of citizens in Tivoli Gardens are decent, law abiding persons, but asserted that they are trapped in a situation where they have to follow the status quo.

"They are trapped in this continuous cycle of gangs and violence," he testified.