Man fined $100 for breaching the Main Roads Act

November 03, 2015

A 'loader man' who claimed he was "off duty" when the police arrested him was fined when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Junior Sinclair pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge of breaching the Main Roads Act.

He explained, "dah day deh when dem hold me, me neva did a load. Dem hold me pan a Tuesday and and me no work pan Tuesday. Mi did deh pon the taxi stand but me neva did a load nobody."

However, the police report contradicted his claim.

The arresting officer said he observed Sinclair for about 10 minutes, during which he was heard shouting loudly, "Papine and Liguanea! ... Hey driva bwoy, Mek sure you have me money when me done load.”

Senior RM Judith Pusey ordered the loader man to pay $100 or spend 10 days in prison. She also advised him that if he commits the same offence again, he will be imprisoned.

Loader men and women are persons who assist taxi and bus operators in the loading of their vehicles however, the are often accused of extortion and obstruction of the main road due to the disorderly fashion in which they render their services.