Weird News


June 25, 2016

Game developer Barbie is launched.

The 57-year-old doll has been given a thoroughly modern makeover as a 21st century game developer by Mattel.

The official Twitter page for Barbie announced her new career move.

They tweeted: "Introducing the newest #Barbie career: Game Developer!#YouCanBeAnything." According to AV Club, the new design is part of a larger cultural push to get girls interested in the tech world.

Modern Barbie can code, and the new doll is part of their you can be anything series.

A morbidly obese dog has shed three stone.

The adorable Beagle named Kale Chips ballooned to six stone and was struggling to walk but has finally reached his goal weight after following a strict diet for 12 months.

The four-legged animal - who's eight years old - was rescued by experts at Happy Dog Barkery in Chicago when they decided to change his diet and up his exercise regime.

Beth Staley, who owns the small shelter, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "When he came to us he was morbidly obese. He was in a lot of pain and was such a grump because of it.

"There's been such a change. He's reached his target and he's doing great. He's able to enjoy life now."

A man was caught having sex with a pothole.

The unnamed male, who was caught in the act with his trousers around his ankles, was seen enthusiastically thrusting himself into the pavement during the 30-second video clip.

An onlooker, who captured the activity on camera, can be heard commentating in an Australian accent during the footage.

He said: "So this is what we came to work to this morning. There's a little ground-sex session going on just outside the window, and there's his friend there just checking him out."

The camera moves towards a man crouched down behind the white van, who is thought to be acting as a lookout for his frisky friend.

The man filming added: "He's just having a good go at the ground. Look at that! Awesome."

Almost 30,000 people have seen the video since it was posted on Facebook.

One viewer joked: "This is what happens when you take matters into your own hands and fill the potholes in yourself."

A so-called animal- rights campaigner has sought revenge on his estranged wife by putting their pet cat in a tumble dryer.

Martyn Birchall from Chorley, Lancashire, was so distraught following his split from his wife of 30 years that he put Rosie - the cat - in the drying machine while his spouse was at work.

Evidently, cats do have nine lives and the unfortunate kitty survived the abuse.

Birchall has reportedly been convicted of animal cruelty and fined PS270 plus PS327 costs, according to The Times newspaper.