New Kingston Branch of Tastee reopened

August 09, 2016

The New Kingston Branch of Tastee Limited reopened for business at midday today after the Public Health Department lifted a closure order.

The Public Health Department on Monday ordered the the restaurant closed. It has been tight-lipped about the specific reasons for the decision.

However, Tara Goulbourne, marketing and public relations manager at Tastee Limited said that the branch operations of New Kingston were examined on August 5, 2016 and specific recommendations were made by the health department to improve the infrastructure.

"The majority of the recommended alterations were completed within one day, with the last of these changes resolved before close of business yesterday," Tastee said in a media release on Tuesday.

"The situation whilst unfortunate, is the first in our 50 years of doing business and being part of the Jamaican landscape," the company said.