Dreadlocked men 30 luxury shoes

October 03, 2016

Two dreadlocked men were ordered to reimburse a woman from whom they stole 30 pairs of Italian high-end shoes and other items valued at $800,000 when they appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

Desmond Newell and Ian Paul, both of who work in a cookshop in the Corporate Area, pleaded guilty to the charge of simple larceny.

The court heard that on September 30, Newell and Paul stole 30 pairs of shoes, clothes, phones, appliances and other items from a female complainant, who is a vendor. It is reported that the complainant gave Newell the items to keep, and when she returned, the items, except for a pairs of shoes, were nowhere to be found.

That pair of shoes, however, were seen on the feet of Newell.

Newell admitted the complainant asked him to keep the goods for her, but claimed she had not retrieved them in over three weeks.

"A my fault, Your Honour. Mi take the blame. Me know say is a open house me have, so I shouldn't agree to keep the things. I made a mistake and the things got taken," Newell told the court.

Both men were order to repay the complainant $400,000 each.

They were remanded and will be further sentenced on October 13. A fingerprint order was made against them.