MAPPING MATTHEW: Parrot fed with water crackers while residents beg for food

October 03, 2016
Ian Allen Storm surge is now affecting the seaside town of Annotto Bay, St Mary. Here, waves wash up against the health centre, which is located along the coast.
Ian Allen Storm surge is now affecting the seaside town of Annotto Bay, St Mary.
Ian Allen A group of children splash in the brackish  sea water where Annotto River in Annotto Bay St Mary connects to the sea as Hurricane Matthew approaches the east end of the island.

At the emergency shelter at Annotto Bay High school in St. Mary, residents of Purcell Lane, Port Arthur Lane and Crab Hall, also known as Dump up, have settled in the classrooms.

Among them is Nikiesha Burke. She has settled into the shelter with her six children.

"We want food. That a wi only problem now, " Burke said. 

But while Burke was making a plea for food, one resident at the shelter was using water crackers to feed her parrot, Blue.

More than 1,800 people are in shelters, mainly in eastern Jamaica. Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie said the state is moving to supply meals to persons in the shelters.

Jamaica has been placed on hurricane watch as dangerous Category 4 storm Matthew approaches. However, there are some persons who do not appear to take the warnings seriously.

At the Annotto Bay Fishing Village, Andy Andrews, who operates a bar, sits on a stool, smiling at the slight winds and drizzle.

"The last hurricane I sat right here with the door opened and nothing nuh happen, " Andrews said.

THE STAR team observed waves crashing on a seawall, five metres from the Annotto Bay Health Centre.

But residents said that the building has never been affected by previous hurricanes.

However, there are some residents who are fearful that Hurricane Matthew could cause significant damage.

Angela Rogers,  a resident on Port Arthur Lane, watched nervously as the waves began to raise.

"Mi naah lie, last night mi sleep with my eyes open," Rogers said.

She told THE STAR Online that Hurricane Sandy destroyed her house in 2012, and she has now moved to a safer place.