Mother admits Kahjeel Mais had behavioural issues

October 18, 2016
Khajeel Mais
This dark BMW X6 motorcar is believed to be the vehicle that was involved in an incident that led to the shooting death of 17-year old Khajeel Mais in 2011.

Allana Mais, the mother of slain Kingston College student Kahjeel Mais, admitted in court on Monday that her son had "behavioural issues" that landed him before the juvenile court.

The mother, who today fought back tears as she recalled watching her son die at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), told the court that administrators at Kingston College called her a few times about her son's conduct.

Deborah Martin, the attorney representing Patrick Powell, who is on trial for killing Mais in Havendale, St Andrew in 2011, raised the issue of Kahjeel's character on today's first day of the trial.

"He had a matter at the Juvenile Court?" asked Martin.

"Yes," Allana Mais replied.

"Where he was before the court?" Martin continued.

"Yes he was," the mother replied.

Before that, lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor, in his opening address to the seven-member jury, outlined allegations against Powell before suggesting that 17-year-old Mais was killed in "an exaggerated form of road rage."

It is alleged that the taxi in which Mais was travelling hit a BMX X-6 and that the driver of the luxury vehicle came out and fired several shots into the taxi.

"They were new, they were the rage then," Taylor said in reference to the BMW X-6.

"Someone was angry because of what happened on the road, what happened to their vehicle. The allegation is that Mr Powell was this person who was angry and anger to the extreme," he added.

Meanwhile, Allana Mais testified that she watched her son die at the hospital.

"I saw Khajeel laying on a bed in one of the cubicles. I saw nurses and doctors around him (and) I watched him take his last breath," 

"I saw him (Khajeel) breathing for a while then there was a gasp then there was nothing," Allana Mais added.