PNP, JLP agree to Local Government debates

November 01, 2016
The Jamaica Labour Party's (from left) Desmond McKenzie, Bobby Montaque, and Milton Brown.
The PNP's Brenda Ramsay (left), Noel Arscott (centre) and Angela Brown-Burke participate in the 2012 Local Government Debate.

After refusing to participate in national debates ahead of  the last general election, the People's National Party (PNP) today said it will take part in two nationally televised, broadcasted and streamed local government debates to be organised by the Jamaica Debates Commission (JDC).

The debates are to be staged between Nomination Day and Election Day when the elections are announced.

Local Government Elections are due by December 29.

THE STAR has already begun its election coverage, putting focus on the issues affecting people in their various communities.

Meanwhile, this is the second time the JDC is staging Local Government debates. Prior to the last parochial elections, one team debate was staged at the studios of the Creative Production and Training Centre, in Kingston.

The PNP and the Jamaica Labour Party have agreed that the two debates will involve teams of three members each, with the three members being a mix of either Members of Parliament, Senators or Local Government candidates.

Each debate will be for 90 minutes and will be moderated and have questions posed by a panel of journalists.