Eight queens of entertainment honoured

November 05, 2016
Honourees pose with event promoter, CEO of NyteNursePro My Laurell (second left, back row).
Sister Nancy in performance.
Honorees Culture Minister Olivia Grange (left) and dancehall queen Carlene, chat with MC for the event, Francois St Juste.

If the first staging of the Queens of Reggae Island Honorary Ceremonies (QORIHC), held at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Sunday, is a depiction of what the annual event will look like, then we can certainly look forward to a fantastic yearly showcase.

The event honoured eight women in the arts and entertainment industry. All eight nominees were present. They are: veteran reggae artiste Sister Nancy; video director Nordia Rose; TV broadcaster Elaine Wint; founder of Sun City Radio, Doreen Billings; dancehall fashion designer Audrey Farquharson; dancehall queen Carlene; Government Minister Olivia Grange; and dancehall dancing instructors Latonya Styles and Dance Ja studios. The honourees received gifts from sponsors, including bottles from Remy Martin.

The event also presented a video tribute to Rita Marley for her contribution to Jamaica's music and culture, while offering special words of encouragement from guest speaker, media and cultural expert Dahlia Harris. Well-received performances of the night came from talented male acts Sadeke Lennox, Kingston Rock (formerly To-Isis) and reggae crooner Duane Stephenson. The performances were topped off by a rare and show-stopping set from Sister Nancy. Promoters of the event NyteNursePro are excited about this year's showcase and are already looking forward to start the preparations for the 2017 staging.

"We are so excited that we received such rave reviews for our first-ever staging of QORIHC, the honourees are very appreciative of this highlight, and we look forward to next year's show being even bigger and better so that we are able to give much more to our special cause, the Gregory Issacs Foundation Children's charities," Mye Laurell, CEO of NyteNursePro, said.

"There are so few events like this that show appreciation to hard-working women while they are alive and able to appreciate it. Even though I'm honoured every year somewhere in the world, QORIHC is special to me because this is all women and there is strength in that," Sister Nancy said. The QORIHC committee will meet later this year to discuss the list of prospective honourees for 2017, which will include non-traditional areas, including make-up artistry and background vocalists. This year's QORIHC Ceremonies were under the patronage of the Mayor of Kingston Dr Angela Brown Burke.