Entertainers unite against crime in MoBay

November 21, 2016
Mackie Conscious
Freddie McGregor
File Queen Ifrika

Determined to give Montego Bay, St James a re-birth, a group of persons led by entertainer Mackie Conscious has embarked on a music mission to help bring about a social transformation in the second city.

Convinced that music is a major force that can help rescue the city, which has so far recorded 235 murders this year, Mackie Conscious is leading an effort to stage a concert dubbed 'Entertainers Against Crime and Violence'.

The concert is designed to draw up to 50 Jamaican entertainers to perform and advocate against crime and violence. It will be held at the Dump up Beach, Montego Bay, on December 4, starting at 3:00 p.m.

"Montego Bay is chosen specifically because it seems to be the capital of all that is happening as it relates to violence," Mackie Conscious, who is from Mount Salem, St James, said.

"I am from Montego Bay, but I am also a Jamaican. There are times that I go to other places outside of Montego Bay and when I hear people talk about being afraid of going to Montego Bay it makes me feel real bad," the artiste said.

He added: "I know it is a very small minority of Montego Bay that is involved in crime and violence ... And it affects every strata of our lives, including entertainment, because no entertainment is being held anywhere because of fear."

More than 50 entertainers have reportedly confirmed for 'Entertainers Against Crime and Violence'. They include: Freddie Mcgregor, Everton Blender, Mutabaruka, Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrika, Nesbeth, Spice, Bushman, Mackie Conscious, Taddy P, I Wayne, Hezron, Nature Ellis. Persons of Interest, Live Wyya, Bung Guh Lung, Lt. Stichie and Paul Blake.