Tree falls on police car in St Mary

November 21, 2016
Orantes Moore A tree fell ron top of this police vehicle in St Mary on Saturday.

A tree smashed into the windscreen of a police service vehicle in St Mary on Saturday leaving the officer on board with minor injures.

 Following the incident, which took place along the main road in Broadgate, Corporal Kevin Green was taken to the Annotto Bay hospital and treated for injuries to his shoulder.

“Corporal Green was in Broadgate, heading back to Castleton from Port Maria, when he heard something coming down from the hill and as he tried to pass. A tree fell right on top of him, smashing the windscreen," Sergeant Christopher Ward, officer in charge of Castleton Police Station, told THE STAR ONLINE.

He said the policeman is suffering from pains to his shoulder and is "still in a bit of shock because to have a huge tree trunk drop onto a moving vehicle is really very devastating.”