Caymanas Park's security chief issues stern warning to thugs

December 15, 2016
Jason McKay

Jason McKay, chief executive officer, McKay Security Limited, security contractor at Caymanas Park, on Thursday warned persons allegedly issuing threats against grooms at the Portmore racetrack that they could face serious jail time if found guilty.

Horsemen on Monday told The STAR that they were being threatened by persons from the informal ‘Train Line’ community of Gregory Park, who were affected by Sunday’s disconnection of illegal electricity wiring to the racetrack’s power grid.

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IN PHOTO: Caymanas Park, Jamaica's only race track.

“It is so ironic that it was only this morning I was reading an online news item in which a man, who threatened a complainant in an assault matter, right here in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, was given a direct four-month sentence for the threat, but was fined $15,000 or 60 days on the assault charge,” McKay pointed.

“He could not believe he was given a direct four-month sentence for the threat, so I am warning anybody who had illegal connections cut from the Caymanas compound, who are now threatening workers, to immediately desist,” warned the security chief, who is also a district constable with the St Catherine South Police Division.

McKay described the alleged acts as “cowardly”.

“The decision to disconnect illegal electricity at the track was mine. I am tasked to provide security at the racetrack plus I am a police officer. It has nothing to do with CTL or the soon-to-be new owners, Supreme Ventures Limited.

“Abstracting electricity is illegal and I am an officer of the law. I am in your community every day. If you have an issue, take it up with me. Attacking persons who can’t defend themselves is cowardly,” he added.