Comrades and Labourites clash in Kingston

December 15, 2016
Police personnel among Jamaica Labour Party supporters on Church Street in Kingston this afternoon after a clash with People's National Party supporters - Jovan Johnson photo

The police had to call in reinforcement outside the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) on Church Street this afternoon after Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and People's National Party (PNP) supporters clashed ahead of the swearing-in of councillors and the new mayor of Kingston.

Moments before what appeared to be a fight between two men, one clad in green and the other in orange, supporters of the two main political parties had merged in a dance.

The JLP team was marching past the PNP team on Church Street when their brief flirtation with unity was cut by an argument between the men.

It soon became physical and other supporters were getting involved.

That's when the police called in reinforcement while using their bodies to separate the feuding supporters.

As the police tried to restore calm, party supporters started hurling shoes, stones and bottles at each other.

One even grabbed a plant from a nearby garden to use as a weapon.

Inside the KSAC's chamber, it was much calmer.

The JLP's Delroy Williams was preparing to be sworn in as mayor.

The JLP took control of the corporation in November's local government election, winning 21 of the 40 divisions to the PNP's 19.