Two cops freed of murder charge

December 19, 2016

Two policemen have been conditionally freed of murder.

Detective corporal Oneil Buckle and constable Kevin Thompson of the St Catherine South division were told that the case against them would be dismissed if Crown witnesses fail to come forward within six months.

The cops were charged for the 2008 shooting of Ricardo Wood of Portmore, St Catherine.

Wood was shot and killed during an alleged shootout with the police. An illegal gun was recovered during the incident.

Following the shooting, the Bureau of Special Investigations prepared a file and sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The cops were subsequently charged with Wood's murder in 2016, some eight years after the incident.

When the matter came up in the St Catherine Parish Court on Monday, it was revealed one of witnesses died and another migrated.

The Crown entered a conditional nolle prosequi, which means that the prosecution has decided to discontinue proceedings unless the witnesses are found.

The Clerk of the Court said that if the witnesses are found within six months the matter could be restarted.

The cops were represented by attorney-at-Law Earl Hamilton