Cops warn party promoters who buy stolen meat

December 21, 2016
Manish Water

Following reports of an increase in the theft of goats, presumably to curry or to make manish water during this festive season, the police have signalled their intent to clamp down on party promoters buying stolen meat.

"As a matter of urgency, any application for dance or party permits where goat, pig and cattle meats will be sold, the promoter must produce a valid receipt, proof of purchase or intended purchase," the police said.

Sergeant Damian Harry, praedial larceny prevention officer, told THE STAR Online that the police anticipate that there will be increased demand for certain farm produce.

"Based on our culture, we do a lot of curry goat and manish water during this time ... We fully anticipate that those persons who are preying on the farmers will want to fulfill some of this demand," Harris said.

Police will be visiting events and enquire about the source of meats being sold. 

Harris said that party promoters and event organisers are expected to adhere to the advisory as those who fail to meet the requirement of the law will be prosecuted. 

"If certain things will be on the menu at that particular party, we need to now how you came by it," the cop said.