Portmore councillor Michael Edwards is dead

January 06, 2017

Councillor Michael Edwards of the Portmore Pines Division in the St Catherine Municipal Council is dead.

Edwards died this morning from health complications.

He has been a councillor for 10 years and was recently sworn in at a ceremony in Spanish Town to serve the division for another four years.

Recently Edwards was one of two councillors who had to sit in the St Catherine Parish Council due to boundary issues.

"I want to say condolence to his family. Councillor Edwards was the chairman of the finance committee and was slated to return to that post in this new administration. He is sadly missed and the St Catherine Municipal Corporation is poorer without Councillor Edwards," said chairman of the corporation, Norman Scott.

He said Edwards was hardworking, articulate and dealt fairly with all those who came across him.

It was revealed that with a very slim majority in the council, there will have to be a by-election for the division.