Bad chicken noodles leave pot with foul stench

January 12, 2017

Concerns are again being raised about the quality of the products sold by some merchants locally.

A Clarendon man, who claimed he bought noodles at a Chinese-owned shop in the parish, said the noodles spoilt his pot of soup.

Fitzroy Brown told THE STAR the bought the noodles at a shop in the parish on Wednesday afternoon and used it to cook a pot of soup. He said that before he finished cooking he realised the noodles had an unusually foul odour. 

"Right now, the whole pot a soup spoil and the Chiney dem only waa gimme back the noodle so me ask them how the rest a food in the soup ago go," Brown said.

He told THE STAR that he has no more money to buy food to cook to feed his daughter and siblings.

Brown, also known as Dada, said he had to feed his daughter snacks for dinner as he was unable to purchase more food for them.

He even carried the pot of food to the police station where he complained that he wasn't being given any redress after which he was sent back to the shop.

However, the operators refused to refund the cost of the items in the soup insisting they will only replace the pack noodles.