Pastors resign amid sex scandal gripping Moravian Church

January 12, 2017
Rev. Dr. Paul Gardner has been charged with carnal abuse.

Dr Paul Gardner, the president of the Moravian Church in Jamaica as well as Jermaine Gibson, vice-president of the church, have resigned.

The resignation of the clergymen coincides with the sex scandal now gripping the church in Jamaica.

The scandal began with the December 28 arrest of 64-year-old Rupert Clarke, the pastor at the Nazareth Moravian Church in Manchester.

Clarke has since been charged with having sex with a minor and the police say he will soon face additional charges.

The Moravian Sex Scandal deepened this week when a former minister of the church released a trail of emails contradicting claims by president Gardner that he had no previous knowledge of allegations of misconduct ‎by Clarke.

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IN PHOTO: Principal of the Hampton School Heather Murray (right) smiles as Moravian minister Rupert Clarke (left) is led away from the St Elizabeth Parish Court.