Montague vows tough penalties for illegal use of firearms

January 13, 2017

National Security Minister Robert Montague has likened a gun to a cellular phone and has vowed to impose tough sanctions on firearm license holders who misuse them.

“A gun is like a phone. Without credit or WIFI, the phone is useless. The bullets are the credit for guns. We have 40,000 firearm license holders each getting 50 rounds. If 10 per cent of this get into the wrong hands then something is wrong,” Montague said.

The minister said that legislation is coming that will affect licensed firearm holders. He said that the new law will have stiff penalties for those who use their licensed firearms for illegal purposes and that all licensed firearm holders must account for each of their 50 rounds.

“A man must think twice before he takes up a gun. He will take it up knowing the consequences,” he said.

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