‘Ski Mask’ gang destroyed

January 16, 2017
Guns recovered from members of the Ski Mask' gang following a confrontation with members of the JCF and JDF on the Goodwill main road, Adelphi in St. James on Saturday, January 14.

After killing six members of the ‘Ski Mask’ gang in a shoot-out on Saturday, the security forces have expressed confidence that the nucleus of the gang has been destroyed.

The gangsters, who operated in St. James, were fatally shot and four firearms along with several rounds of ammunition seized during a confrontation with members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Defence Force in Adelphi, St. James.

"This gang has terrorised the residents of ‎Barrett Town and neighbouring communities for several years. They are responsible for over 20 murders and shootings of citizens to include women and children. They have also forced scores of citizens to flee the community by firebombing their homes and sexually assaulting women and children," the police said.

The High Command said that while some citizens may feel a sense of relief that these gang members will no longer launch criminal violence on their community, this incident should be a point of reflection.

"Many of us have questions to answer for our roles as parents and caregivers in how we treat with our young people, young men in particular. We urge you to seriously think on the vicious violence youths are unleashing on the very communities from which they hail. These individuals are your kin – brothers, sons, grandsons, nephews, cousins. It is past time to accept our collective responsibility and begin to address the cycle of violence that characterise our communities and families," the High Command said.