Lawyer says getting visa for Busy Signal was not easy

January 16, 2017
Busy Signal

The lawyer who helped Busy Signal to get a United States visa has described the process as tedious.

“The legal process in this instance was not an easy one, but we relied on well-settled case law to bring this case to a successful conclusion,” said lawyer Andrew R. Crumbie.

Crumbie represented Busy Signal during the process to regain his U.S. travel visa. 

Busy Signal, whose given name is Reanno Devon Gordon, landed in the United States last Friday on a newly issued non-immigrant travel visa.

He was restricted from entering the U.S. for 15 years as a result of a federal criminal conviction. Busy Signal was arrested in 2012 at Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, Jamaica on an outstanding federal arrest warrant. He was subsequently extradited, and after serving a 6-month jail sentence, he was restricted from re-entering the United States.

However, Crumbie said that as a result of Busy Signal's amazing professional accomplishments, his philanthropy, and model behaviour since his original arrest, he was an ideal candidate for an exception to debarment from the USA.