#STARChat poll: Holness praised for rejecting prison deal

January 16, 2017
The Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in Kingston.

The Government is getting significant support from the public for its decision to reject the UK prison deal.

A #STARChat snap poll conducted on Facebook revealed overwhelming support for the decision not to accept the offer, which would see the UK giving Jamaica $5.5 billion towards the building of a prison.

Jamaica, in turn, would be required to accept criminals who would be sent back from the UK to complete sentences here.

"We don't need no prison," Nordia Banx said.

"We need more jobs. Factories like free zone that they close down. Jamaicans are hard working people. If you say a rehabilitation centre for people when they get out of prison before sending them out in to the general population then yes," she added.

Andre Allen also said that the decision not to accept the prison is a good move.

"That prison would've cause taxpayer millions to maintain over the long run... Furthermore we need more training centres / trade schools etc... Only thing we should accept from England is reparation and an apology for enslaving our ancestors," Allen said.

Christopher Thompson said that not going through with the deal is the best thing the Andrew Holness-led government has done since it took power in February 2016.

"Jamaica never turn these young men criminals why should Jamaica take responsibility for England's problems? England made them into criminals so they should deal with it," Thompson said.

However, some respondents were not in support of the decision.

"They will pay dearly for that decision. Currently, our prisons are infested and the prisoners languish in squalid conditions. I'd like someone to tell me the negative repercussions of accepting that deal," Alex Fowles said.