Vershon snatches son from babymother's house.... Court asked to settle custody battle

January 16, 2017

A major custody battle is brewing between dancehall artiste Vershon and the mother of his one year old son. 

Vershon, whose given name is Adrian Brown, went to the house of his baby's mother and took away the child last Friday.

The child's mother, Kadian, went to the Family Court this morning and initiated proceedings aimed at gaining custody of the young boy. A hearing has been set for April.

“She reported me to the police. The police asked me to come in and when I went in they said they couldn’t take the child from me. It’s a matter for the court to decide. I won't give her back the baby until the court says I am to give her back the child,” Vershon told THE STAR.

Vershon is known for hit songs such as Inna Real Life, Mercy A God and Clean Me Heart Too Clean.