Obeah could land Montague in jail

January 18, 2017

National security minister Robert Montague could be fined up to $100 dollars or imprisoned for up to 12 months if he dares to consult his obeah man uncle to help him fight crime on the island.

"This minister nuh fraid a unuh," Montague said during a session with security officers at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on Tuesday.

"My uncle is a obeah man," he further said while making it clear to the criminals that "Oonu goin run weh because we goin to pursue oonu."

While the West St Mary Member of Parliament is from one of  Jamaica's foremost obeah practicing parishes, obeah is illegal under an old 1898 law.

IN PHOTO: Robert Montague, minister of national security.

The law, for instance, says that any person who consults any person practising obeah, or any person reputed to be a person practising obeah, or any person pretending to possess supernatural powers, and agrees to reward the person so consulted, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $100 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 12 months.