Opposition calls on Holness to step up crime fight

January 19, 2017
Dayton Campbell

The government is under pressure to put forward a workable crime strategy.

Members of the opposition People's National Party (PNP) have been using social media to highlight the high murder toll on the island.

"It is not your imagination!! Yes over 70 people have been murdered in 18 days!," Venesha Phillips, the councillor for the Papine Division, posted on Facebook.

"Joke over! This is unsustainable," she added.

Dr Dayton Campbell, the Member of Parliament for North West St Ann, wrote: "74 Jamaicans brutally murdered in 18 days??? This is madness."

"We must awaken a new level of consciousness. We cannot go on like this. There is a role for citizens, the police and the government to play to stem this crime monster," the opposition MP said.

Two children were among three people who were last night shot dead during a series of attacks in Williamsfield, Hanover.

One-year-old Daquan Davidson and five-year-old Kimani Johnson were killed about 10.50 p.m. when gunmen opened fire on their house.

Their mother and two teenagers were injured.

The police say about five minutes earlier, the same gunmen kicked off the door to the nearby house of 34-year-old Hopeton Lee and fired several shots killing him.

However, Lee's girlfriend and children who were also at home were not harmed.

Phillips said that more must be done to fight crime on the island.

"PM (Andrew) Holness and your team, you have a duty as the leaders of the country, to find a workable solution to crime. You are failing miserably at this! We need solutions and we need it fast! We have come too far as a country to have criminals wipe out our gains," she wrote.

The Member of Parliament for western Westmoreland Dr Wykeham McNeill wants the Government to take immediate action to stem the crime wave currently gripping the parish.

According to McNeill Westmoreland needs an immediate approach to crime fighting as there has been 10 murders in the parish since the start of the year, six more than the similar period last year


In 2016 a total of 100 murders were recorded in Westmoreland and other crimes including robberies spiked.

The police has not released statistics about the number of persons who have so far been murdered this year.

Come 1,350 murders were recorded in Jamaica in 2016.