Tragedy as tractor plunges into river

January 27, 2017

A St Thomas man died last Thursday when the tractor he was operating slipped into a river.

Reports are that Christopher Shaw lost control of the tractor and plunged into a river which runs behind the Golden Grove Sugar Factory in Duckenfield. 

The owner for the tractor, Donavan Lee, told THE STAR that he and others tried to pull Shaw from under the tractor but was not successful.

“We try to get him from under the tractor but he was pinned down,” Lee said.

“We eventually used a front-end loader to pull out the tractor with him in the seat.”

Devon Shaw, the father of the deceased, described his son as a quiet person.

“He was a very quiet person, him get along with everybody,” Devon Shaw said.

“A did mi only son and everything did a for him, so it hard,” he told THE STAR.

Councillor for the Dalvey division, Michael McLeod, described the incident as unfortunate. 

“It was an accident the only thing people are saying is that if he had cart on the tractor then that might give him a little balance and prevent him from going into the water,” McLeod.