Pastor questions gay agenda

February 03, 2017
Rev. Peter Garth.

A leading clergyman feels that the push by the United Nations for Jamaica's Parliament approve a redefinition of sexual intercourse is part of an agenda to legalise same-sex marriage in Jamaica. 

"I believe anal penetration is wrong in 2017 and anal penetration will still be wrong in the year 3000," Reverend Peter Garth said.

The United Nations wants parliament to approve a redefinition of sexual intercourse to add penetration of the mouth or anus.

Mark Connolly, a member of the UN Country Team, said that if the definition is "too narrow, the legal recognition of sexual violence against men and boys would not fall under it in an equally protective way as against women and girls."

Under Jamaican law, only a woman can be raped - an offence that carries a penalty of up to life imprisonment, unlike buggery, which carries up to seven years' imprisonment.

Sexual intercourse, under the Sexual Offences Act, is the penetration of the vagina of one person by the penis of another person.