Skatta declares war on abusers of women and children

February 08, 2017
A resident of Allman Town kneels at Heroes Circle, Kingston, with a placard demanding the prime minister's attention on the recent upsurge in violence against women in Jamaica.

Music producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell has declared war against the heartless monsters who have been preying on women and children.

"A wah inna di water weh unna drink?," Burrell said in video clip posted on social media.

Cabinet is today considering special measures to combat crime in Jamaica. The Office of the Prime Minister, in a media release, said Prime Minister Andrew Holness has taken note of the surge in violent crimes against women and children.

The level of violence against women and children has been the source of much outrage. On Monday, many Jamaicans have answered the call of civil society leaders to wear black in order to send the message that they are tired of violence against women and children.

Skatta said that it is time to rise up against the criminals.

"Me a mek the whole Jamaica know say a war me seh," the producer said.

He reasoned that the persons carrying out acts of violence against women and children are known within their communities. He said well-thinking persons, including men, should "shub out" the criminals.

Skatta said it should be "straight gunshot" for persons committing heinous acts against women and children.

"We affi rid the society of unno dutty, stinking bwoy right now," said Skatta who reached the boiling point after seeing a video on social media of a woman being raped.

The dancehall producer has appealed to the conscience of well-thinking Jamaican males to stand up and say enough is enough.