Smartphones and dumb moves ...Ninja Man wants parents to monitor kids on social media

February 08, 2017
Ninja Man

Dancehall artiste Ninja Man has called on parents to monitor their children's use of smartphones.

Ninja Man said young girls are being lured into traps by men they meet on social media platforms such as Facebook.

"Parents, this is what happening to unno kids. Dem having some Facebook relationships and some a unno low up unno likkle pickney dem with the phone too much and they experience too much things," he said.

Ninja Man said parents should "tek di blasted phones" from their daughters who he argued have failed to recognise that they may be putting themselves in danger by agreeing to meet up with strangers after conversations in cyberspace.

"Stop the dating on Facebook, stop meeting people on Facebook. The Facebook a nuh fi ketch man," Ninja Man said.

"Facebook is what cause many of unno friends to be dying cause unno using the 'Book fi meet people who unno don't know," he said.

The deejay said patents have a duty to not only police their children's use of social media but also to talk to them about possible dangers they may face.