'Shelterless' Rastas want Holness' help to go back to Africa

February 20, 2017
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Empresses Rachel and Miriam said that the cry for repatriation should not be taken lightly.
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Members of the Ethiopian Africa Black International Congress

Fed up with life in Jamaica, a group of Rastafarians on Monday journeyed from Bobo Hill in Bull Bay, St Andrew, to the plains of Kingston to press their claim for repatriation.

"We are calling upon the Government now, no delay," insisted Priest Christopher Morant, who was among the Rastafarians who turned up at The Gleaner's North Street offices.

According to Morant, black people in Jamaica are "shelterless" and there is an urgent need for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to act.

 The Rastafarians, who are members of the Ethiopian Africa Black International Congress, said their rights under Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being denied the longer they remain in Jamaica.

"Everyone have a right to a nationality, and I and I Bobo Shanty nationality a Ethopia, Africa. Through such human rights charter, the Jamaican should lobby for our international repatriation," Priest Donovan Blake said. 

Priest Sheppy told The STAR Online that the cry of the Rastafarians is for "freedom, redemption [and] international repatriation".

"We have no benefit down here in Jamaica so we want the to understand that this is of paramount importance and should be acted upon now," the elderly Rastafarian said.

Empresses Rachel and Miriam said that the cry for repatriation should not be taken lightly.

Rachel extended her call to the United Nations, stating "review our case because we want to go back to Africa, our homeland". 

For her part, Miriam said the should act post haste to ensure repatriation is realised.

"We are calling on the right now to see to it that I and I return to our heavenly home," the empress said.