Curvy Diva signs recording deal

March 13, 2017

Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett is planning to "make changes with her image" as she takes the plunge to become a recording artiste.

She recently signed a recording deal with Good Good Production.

"The Curvy Diva intends to make changes with her image as well and will be open and honest with her fans through her recorded material," a media release issued by StreetCred Jamaica said.

Yanique said she has always wanted to do music.

“Music makes me happy. It's something I'm passionate about. I was excited when Good Good Production approached me with this opportunity and I can't wait to take my fans on this amazing journey with me, “ she said.

“Everything will change. Persons will get to know me a little better because I put how I feel and what I'm going through in my songs, a lot of things that I don’t talk publicly about will be addressed in my singles.” Yanque added.

Her very first single, Lifestyle. is slated for release in a matter of days. 

Good Good Production is owned and operated by Evan ‘Zum’ Powell.

“Many artistes have been interested in working with us over the years but we never decided to go full sail until now. We think Curvy Diva already has the dancehall image and influence and so we were excited to be a part of her artiste transition from the ground floor,” Powell said.