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March 24, 2017
@Normal:Eric Martsolf plays Brady Black on 'Days Of Our Lives'.


Steffy and Liam exchanged vows in front of the Sydney Opera House. Meanwhile, Wyatt soothed his bruised heart with alcohol. Saul and Darlita anxiously awaited word from Sally about possibly getting her hands on any Forrester Creations' secrets. With their own big day just hours away, Brooke made sure Ridge was still excited to marry her. Sally had the time of her life and fell hard for Thomas in Australia. Brooke and Eric reflected on their 30 years of friendship. Ridge warned Quinn that their secret trysts would come to an end once he married Brooke. Conceding that Brooke was to be married the next day, Bill offered his support to her for whenever she might need it. Steffy confronted Sally about crashing her wedding.

Watch for: Katie comforts her ex over losing Brooke. Steffy and Liam go on a glorious honeymoon. The Spectra gang gets their first 'secret' look at the latest Forrester designs.


Brady got Nicole settled into her new home. Abigail was in serious danger. Chad told Gabi that he could never see her again. Later, Chad and Dario panicked when they realised that Abigail was missing. Deimos revealed his plan to give Chad an impossible choice. Sonny realised that Chad was in imminent danger. Abe asked Lani for a favour regarding Eli. Chad was forced to make an agonising choice between Abigail and Gabi. JJ, Paul and Dario searched frantically for the trio. Steve traced his and Ava's son to a diner in Arizona. Joey tended to Jade, who was loving the attention he was giving her. Nicole was afraid her neighbour would find out that she and Holly were on the run.

Watch for: Jade's manipulation of Joey takes a bad turn. Brady seeks out Marlena's professional advice regarding the situation with Nicole. Dario makes a big confession to Abigail.


Anna delivered a big ultimatum. Carly couldn't see past Sonny's betrayal. Dante and Michael had a heart-to-heart talk. Nelle entertained an interesting proposition. Tracy confronted Finn. Hayden dodged Liz's questions. Laura's fixation put a strain on her relationship. Anna enlisted Obrecht's help. Liv taunted Griffin. Valentin tied up loose ends with Nora. Sonny faced Morgan's killer. Finn fought to keep his secret. Liv expressed her gratitude. Tracy received a tempting offer. Franco shared his concerns. Hayden turned to Curtis for help. Jason and Sam reconnected. Sonny felt defeated. Liz's concerns turned into worry. Alexis struggled with her grief.

Watch for: Ava pays a hefty price for her silence. Alexis is startled by an unexpected guest. Jason takes the necessary steps to protect his family.


Ashley was livid that Jack continued to put his revenge against Billy before the family business. Phyllis warned Billy not to do something that he'd regret. Ashley met with Neil and offered him a job at Jabot. Jack urged Hilary to put a clause in her divorce that didn't allow Devon anywhere near 'GC Buzz'. Colin told Jill that he was finally setting her free. Cane couldn't shake the feeling that something strange had happened to him in Tokyo. A drunk Chloe danced with Scott at The Underground. Michael informed Nick that Sage left him her inheritance from Constance Bingham. Nick told Chelsea that he wanted her to have the money, which Chelsea agreed to on the condition that it was for Connor's future. Jill considered forgiving Colin.

Watch for: Devon sets his sights on someone new. Cane questions Juliet about their trip to Tokyo. Kevin is thrown a curveball.