Police car shot up in Denham Town

April 20, 2017
A section of downtown, Kingston following a shooting incident.

An unmarked police vehicle was this morning sprayed with bullets by gunmen who were reportedly on their way to rob persons in the Coronation Market in Kingston.

Coronation Market is said to have been under siege from criminals in recent times. About 15 gunmen reportedly robbed persons at Coronation Market a fortnight ago.

Commanding Officer for the Kingston Western police division, Senior Superintendent Howard Chambers, said police intelligence indicates that the men who fired shots at the cops this morning are the same ones who have been terrorising people in the market.

“We believe that these men were grouping up to go and rob the market, because based on what we are gathering is that this is the time that they carry out these acts,” Chambers said.  

Chambers, speaking on the scene of the crime on the intersection of Oxford and Charles streets in Denham Town, said that the unmarked patrol vehicle, with seven police men on board, was pounced a group of men who opened fire on it about 4:30 a.m.

“The police had to disembark the vehicle and return the fire,” Chambers said.

“There was a running gun battle after that right along Oxford Street as a result the vehicle that the police were in was shot up and other vehicle along the road were shot up.”