MAS MANIA: Carnival in Jamaica has grown — Matalon

April 23, 2017
Trini massive on Xaymaca road march.

With thousands of revellers taking to the streets of Kingston for road march 2017, businessman Gary Matalon feels carnival in Jamaica can only get bigger and better.

“I haven't seen the whole carnival because we have a whole lot of bands this year but right now I am very impressed with Xodus Carnival. Carnival in Jamaica has grown, years ago this turn out that we are seeing at Xodus Carnival was the entire thing but now this is like fraction ...  We will only grow from here,” he said.

Matalon's KLE Group sponsors Xodus which is one of four bands taking part in carnival this year.

"I sponsored Xodus because they were focusing on a specific group of people that they wanted to attract and we are trying to get that specific group to support our brands. We also feel like Xodus producers are some of the best promoters in the world,” he said.

Gary Matalon