The day I-Octane's mother cut him with a knife

April 24, 2017
I-Octane hugs his mother.

Years ago, I-Octane's mother Pamella Williams used a knife to cut him on one of his hands. He still has the scar which serves as a reminder of the day he sold his mother's goods to a scammer who paid with counterfeit notes. 

“The $500 notes were just released to the public and I was a little youth a sell at the National Stadium. I didn’t know the difference between a bogus Nanny and a real Nanny. A man carry some $500 notes and mi sell off everything on mommy stall and pack up the $500 notes. Mommy come and see sey all har goods gone and when mi give har the money she notice that everything was bogus and she don’t know who to go to and har goods gone. She ask me a who and mi cyah tell har suh she get frustrated," I-Octane said.

The Mama You Alone singer said his mother, being upset, said ‘a dat mi carry yu come stadium fi do' before using the knife to inflict the wound.

The singjay, while laughing, told The STAR that he does not consider the incident to have been child abuse.

“Mi cry because a chop mi get chop enuh. My madda rough when we a grow up but it was all tough love because a she one. She never beat us often but when she beat wi a problem,” he said.