Rankin Pumpkin gets Bounty's endorsement

May 09, 2017
Rankin Pumpkin
Bounty Killer

Japanese lyrical Samurai, Rankin Pumpkin, continues to mesmerise in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition.

Rankin Pumpkin, performing on Saturday, May 6 inside D’Entrance on Constant Spring Road, drew praises from the Warlord, Bounty Killer, a guest judge for Live Show 11.

“This is not an ordinary pumpkin,” declared Bounty. “This is big representation for Japan and for reggae dancehall culture. For you to be here right now battling it out with some excellent, hardcore dancehall Jamaican talents and make it this far says that you belong here."

“Sen har ah road! Rankin Pumpkin — this is not a dumplin sumtin,” Bounty concluded after clearly enjoying the performance.

The Japanese contestant has been the centre of much attention as she continues to defy the odds and has now elevated herself as a crowd favourite to possibly win the Magnum crown.

The other female contestants to join Rankin Pumpkin in the Magnum Electric Eight are: Ali Ferrari who had another solid performance, Suspense who maintained her title push and Bad Gyal Bambi who followed up her week 10 performance with another excellent showing. Tammy K was eliminated from the show.

The top eight Princes are Compass, Vanzo, Symatic and Tatik.