Children may be able to sell ganja lawfully

May 10, 2017

Warning that it could become lawful to sell ganja to a child, while unlawful to provide the same child with alcohol or cigarettes, the Child Development Agency (CDA) says parliament must act quickly to close loopholes in existing laws.

"As the State moves to decriminalise small quantities of marijuana, it is important that sale to children be exempted from the law's more lenient approach to possession and consumption of marijuana products," the CDA said.

Jamaica, in 2015, decriminalised the possession of small quantities of ganja. However, the CDA, in a submission to parliament, said it has taken note of the increased number of children going into the child protection system who are testing positive for addictive substances.

"Intoxication or addiction can lead to other forms of antisocial, violent or maladaptive behaviour. ... Stronger prohibitions against the exposure of children to drugs and abused substances are necessary in order to highlight this fact," the CDA said.