MPs get nasty

May 10, 2017
Dr Dayton Campbell
Ian Allen/Photographer Karl Samuda, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

An opposition member of parliament has alleged that some of the nastiest insults were hurled at him by government members in parliament on Tuesday.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, the Member of Parliament for North West St Ann, claimed in parliament that Hugh Graham, chief executive officer of the Jamaica Dairy Development Board, was fired by agriculture minister Karl Samuda over a disagreement relating to the granting of a licence to a company to import milk powder from Colombia for resale on the local market.

Campbell also alleged that the minister, who is a dairy farmer, has benefited from the Establishment of a 15-acre demonstration plot of Mombasa dairy feeding grass on his personal property in Knollis, St Catherine, with the resources of the Dairy Board.

Following the sitting, government MPs hurled insults at Dr Campbell. The opposition MP, writing on Facebook, alleged that he was called a "piece of s@$t".

He said too that Samuda told him that as long as he lives he should not make the mistake and call to him.

"Well, Sir, me nuh beg friend, and not because you a plantation owner and me a poor black country boy, you are not better than I," Campbell wrote. 

Samuda had described Dr Campbell's accusations as "Bulls%*&!" and said he would "bring every single documentary fact to show that all that is nasty, stinking politics at the lowest garbage level."

Dr Campbell has maintained that he was carrying out his responsibility as a duly elected Member of Parliament.

"I have a duty to do and I will do it without fear or favour. I went, to parliament to defend poor people not to look friend. It is true that I come from humble beginnings, but, sir, I am very proud and I live life trying daily to assist others to break the chains of poverty like I did," he said.