Maexztro frustrated with 'one sided' dancehall

May 13, 2017
Contributed Maexztro

Dancehall/reggae artiste Maexztro is hopeful that his single 'One Sided Dancehall' will give him the breakthrough in the music industry.

The artiste told THE STAR that the music industry has been plagued by biases and he hopes the record will motive listeners to give young talent a fair shot.

"Without new talent we have no future and as such 'One Sided Dancehall' is basically letting people know that look, we are out here working and we are talented so give us our fair share of the glory," he said, adding that dancehall has been too one-sided for too long and that reduces the capacity for growth.

struggling to compete

"If you look overseas you will see that every year several acts are exposed in the hip hop community, but in Jamaica they want to keep a minimum of three acts relevant and sabotage the others. That is why we are struggling to compete with foreigners so we need to work on that," he said.

One Sided Dancehall is featured on Biggs Productions' Dark Step Rhythm compilation. Maexztro also wants the music industry to unite instead of pulling down artistes who have managed to make a name for themselves.

"Take note of all the acts that have success, you always have a next artiste, producer or even the media trying to tear them down. Why can't we just get along for the greater good of the music industry? I am not going to say I agree with everything an artiste does. But at the same time, some people are not trying to give constructive criticism, they just simply want you to fail," he said.

Maexztro is featured on several other rhythm compilations and has shared projects with Demarco, Vybz Kartel, I-Octane, Charly Black and Popcaan.

"All things are based upon timing and all things are possible through the Most High, for without him we are nothing. I am grateful for the fact that I am on some of the biggest projects with some of the major names in music and it is just more work from here on," he said.