Too many ramshackle taxis -- Henry

May 16, 2017

Taxi operators have the ability to improve the quality of their fleet following a decision by the Government to allow the importation of vehicles up to eight years old.

Mike Henry, the transport minister, said that "too many ramshackle cars are presently in the public transport system"

He said the increase the age limit for the importation of vehicles for taxi association members across the island will afford taxi operators lower costs to acquire better quality vehicles than those many are operating now.

"With an extension of up to eight-year-old units, it will be a much easier task for taxi operators to get more decent and efficient cars to more comfortably and safely carry passengers, and this certainly augurs well for the public transportation sector, which I am happy about," said the minister.

Henry said that the typical unit that operates as a taxi is around 15 years old.