Man perishes after car plunges in Rio Cobre

June 05, 2017

 A man who is thought to be a correctional officer, perished after the car he was driving ended up in the Rio Cobre in the Bog Walk Gorge.

Deputy superintendent with responsibility for St Catherine, James Lee, said eyewitnesses claimed the Honda Civic in which the man was travelling was hit by a truck.

“On investigations, the brigade officers reported that they were told bystanders that the car was hit by a truck and afterwards plunged into the river,” he said.

Lee said two fire units responded but they were unable to retrieve the motor car as it was out of their reach by the time they arrived on the scene.

However, he said the car was recovered after a wrecker was brought in to assist.

He said medical official that were on the scene tried to unsuccessfully resuscitate the man.