Chaos in Cleveland

June 21, 2017
In this Friday, October 30, 2015, file photo, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert answers a question before an NBA basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland. Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin have decided to part ways following three consecutive trips to the NBA Finals.



Nothing ever seems good enough for Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Not a championship. Not three straight appearances in the NBA Finals. Not a rapt fan base. Not being forgiven by LeBron James.

He's demanding. A fearless, risk-taking, casino-owning gambler. Those attributes have made him a billionaire businessman, a tough boss to please and the reason why the Cavaliers are in a current state of chaos.

Following a loss to the Golden State Warriors in the Finals and facing a pivotal off-season for his franchise, Gilbert decided Monday to part ways with general manager David Griffin, the architect of the most successful run in team history.


Clock is ticking


Gilbert, who has gone through four GMs in 12 years in Cleveland, made the risky move as the Cavaliers are trying to revamp their roster while James' free-agency clock is ticking down toward next summer when his contract expires.

There's confusion in Cleveland.

What else is new?

This is a team that has flourished amid disorder, and the Cavaliers are in disarray again days after having their title snatched by Kevin Durant and the Warriors. Just last week, Gilbert had said he was happy with the direction of the team and didn't envision sweeping changes. But he and Griffin's vision for the future didn't align and they mutually agreed to separate.

The timing of Griffin's exit couldn't be worse. The Cavaliers are preparing for tomorrow's draft without any picks and they are reportedly exploring trades to land either Paul George or Jimmy Butler in an attempt to add another All-Star and close the gap on Golden State.