Jamaicans are coolest people in the Caribbean - CNN Travel

July 14, 2017
@Normal:Usain Bolt celebrates after winning the 'Salute to a Legend' 100 meters during the JN Racers Grand Prix at the National Stadium in Kingston, on Jamaica, Saturday, June 10.

Jamaican is ranked as the coolest Caribbean nationality and third among other nations, on a recent compilation by CNN Travel of the world’s hippest people on the planet.

On a list that ranks only 14 nationalities, Jamaicans trail only Brazilians and Singaporeans, who are first and second respectively.

According to cnn.com, which published the list on July 12, Jamaicans are ranked ahead of nationalities like the Mongolians and Americans.

The website sites Rastafarianism, dubbed the most kick-back religion ever invented, an accent that is the envy of the English-speaking world and the most distinct and recognisable hairstyle as the cool factors that distinguish Jamaica.

According to the compilation, global sprint icon Usain Bolt is the icon of cool for Jamaica. 

The Koreans, Spanish, Japanese, Botswanans, Chinese, Australians, Nepalese, Belgians and the Turks round out the list of coolest nationalities.