burying violence

August 16, 2017
In this July 2006 file photo Dennis Kelly, principal of Charlie Smith High School in St Andrew, buries a strap in a makeshift coffin while students look on. The burial of the strap represented an ending of corporal punishment at the school, during Peace Day celebrations that year.

Money spent to complete house, buy food, clothes - wife

Stewart indicated, too, that some of the money was used to purchase food and clothes for her husband and insisted that in all cases he was either there or allowed her to spend his money in the way she did.

But according to Dr Peta-Gaye Reynolds, consultant psychiatrist based at the Annotto Bay Hospital at the time, Barnett was referred to the facility from as far back as June 2012 "with a history of hypertension and schizophrenia".

Reynolds gave evidence that one day after the wedding, the elderly man was admitted to the Annotto Bay Hospital with "slurred speech [and] weakness of a two-day duration. He was assessed as having a cerebrovascular accident," she said, using the medical term for a stroke.

The medical doctor said that during a mental status examination she conducted for two days, Barnett was "disoriented in time, person and place with impaired short- and long-term memory".

"He was only able to follow one-step commands and had impaired insight and judgement," she added.

Wint Blair noted that Stewart failed to counter the overwhelming medical evidence that was presented, before ordering that the marriage be declared null and void. "The registrar general shall cancel any certificate of marriage or other document registered in relation to the marriage," she ordered.