A COLE WORL': No zone can't call all now

August 30, 2017
Police on patrol

This piece of  information is quite interesting. Did you know that the prime minister can only declare an area a zone of special operations after the chief of defence staff and the commissioner of police, as members of the National Security Council, advise him to do so in writing?

Yes, which begs my next question. Haven't they done so already? Haven't they said to the Prime Minister, 'sir the whola Clarendon and MoBay a gwaan bad enuh, yuh nah call it?'

I mean look at the spate of murders, shooting and other serious crimes taking place in Jamaica and all now not even one zone nuh call yet?

You want to tell me that after the bill as been passed for so long with so many lives being passed for so long that we can't dot couples 'I's and cross couple 'T's all now?

Every minute is another meeting to discuss what was discussed the previous meeting, and people continue to die in droves, two-a-day, three-a-day, sometimes all six people get shot in just one instance.

Mister Prime Minister please declare a zone fast, I wouldn't mind if you could declare one before you leave for Chile please, because at the rate of our crime problem, 500 more smaddy might dead by the time you return.

We can't have that Mister Prime Minister. Sir, I am proposing that with what has been taking place in Jamaica in recent times with respect to the emergence of the Chinese fixing everything in Jamaica, why we nuh see if them can fix we crime problems? Talk truth.