A Cole Worl': Let's do something substantial for Tremayne

September 11, 2017
Ricardo Makyn/Multi Media Photo Editor Tremayne Brown (left), who rescued Renaldo Reynolds last Friday, hugs the youngster.


Mi nuh know bout nuhbaddy else enuh, but I feel so honoured to have watched the video clip and heard Tremayne Brown speak of selfless deeds.

Tremayne rescued 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds who was being swept away in the swift murky waters in the gully along Collie Smith Drive in Trench Town last Friday.

Not many people would've done what he did, not even those running and videoing and calling out "Jesus! Jesus!"

I believe somewhere in The Bible it speaks to the greatest love a person can exudes and that is to give of one's self for the good of another, just like what Jesus Christ did for us so many years ago on Calvary.

I say let us show Tremayne how much we appreciate his gesture and the good that he did, let us get him back to England.

No seriously, I know the constituency caretaker Mark Golding is organising a cash reward from some corporate sponsor and petitioning for a national award, which is great, but why not try to get Brown back in England?

Or, better yet, get this young man a decent job that he can in furtherance be beacon of change and that motivating light that is sometimes lacking in that part of town.

Let us uplift Tremayne and his good deed and not let his actions be superficially reward, but meaningful and of substance.