A Cole Worl': Dat a nuh heroics

September 13, 2017
Akeem Masters photo Renaldo Reynolds (left) and Alphonso 'Vivian' Coombs.

Let us draw things into perspective a little bit, because I'm hearing a bagga tings.

So there's a fellow coming forward by the name of Alphonso Coombs, saying he was very integral in the rescue of both Tremayne Brown and little Renaldo Reynolds over in Trench Town on Friday.

People are starting to speculate and say why a only Tremayne a get school bags, rerk, phone card and all these things.

And it begs to ask a whole heapa questions, like who and who must be rewarded for the rescue? 

Remember Tremayne by his own admission, said he felt they were going to die enuh. He said is the likkle boy him hear a pray and that gave him strength.

So the fact that Mr Coombs saw them clutching on to a branch and he pulled them to safety makes him a hero? Look here man, dat anuh heroics.

Heroics a when yuh see the child floating away and jump inna de water without hesitation to save that child.

Heroics a when yuh rescue smaddy from a burning house without as much as a glass of ice water.

Heroics a when you are a farmer and praedial larcenist a reap your crops before you, but yuh still a hold it.

Heroics a when yuh live inna Jamaica and the national debt-to-GDP ratio a kick yuh inna yuh side, but you a borrow money same way to survive.

That a heroics!