A COLE WORL': Too many outsiders meddling in Jamaica's business

September 18, 2017
Prime Minister Andrew Holness (centre), and Finance and the Public Service Minister Audley Shaw (right) listen as head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission team to Jamaica, Dr Uma Ramakrishnan, outlines details of the second review conducted under the IMF's three-year precautionary standby arrangement.

There are times when I truly believe that I am different from most people in Jamaica because I can never like when those IMF people come here. Their pronouncements of how we ought to be more fiscally prudent and how we must tighten we belts and draw up we socks always leave me feeling a bit hapless and hopeless.

It's like we here in Jamaica don't know what's best for us. All the while me ask why are other people telling us how to be better Jamaicans? A lot of these people aren't even Jamaicans. People who don't even understand our culture, some maybe can't even identify with our struggles, are telling us to hurry up wid our wage negotiations in order for us to meet whatever targets are set. And we just lap our tails and run wid it. Pathetic.

Don't get me wrong enuh, I believe in getting a second opinion on matters that maybe too big for us, or even getting help. But to be always crawling back to the IMF and negotiating deals that some of us will never see paid off in our lifetime just makes me hopeless as a Jamaican. Trus' mi!

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We have too many outside people in Jamaica telling Jamaicans how to be better Jamaicans. And Jamaicans here can't even get certain contracts to be better Jamaicans. I say each time we sit at the table and negotiate any deal that we feel will be better for us, our dollar devalues, and when this happens, somewhere along the line we ourselves are slowly devalued.