A COLE WORL': Don't tell me is anodda feud out fi start

October 09, 2017
Ding Dong
Busy Signal

I hope my ears are fooling me, because what I'm hearing about words being thrown between dancer-turn artiste Ding Dong and bus conductor-a turn artiste Busy Signal, nuh look good.

Ding Dong, who allegedly got his name from a door bell he ran continuously while waiting for his date, referred to Busy Signal, who allegedly got his name from always getting a busy signal when he calls his girl, in a song he did recently.

Busy, wanted "One more night" a couple of years ago when he sang his hit song, but many persons thought he said, "Gary gimme one more night" when truth be told he said, "hear me, gimme one more night!"

That's the line that Dong referred to in his new tune, Flairy, and the line that seems to have stirred some bad blood between them.

My thing is this though. Nowadays people find all kinda foolishness to build strife and malice.

People are encouraging this bout of contention and I don't see why, cause Busy have some mad tune a road right now.

The Reasoning and Eh Man are good songs that depict and relay what's taking place socially and they highlight the ills in our society.

Dong himself have some nice, feel good, merry-go-round tune, that can be played anywhere — even inna de house. Watch dis, if yuh a cook and the gas done, Dong have a song fe dat.

If yuh a bade and the soap drop, yuh nuh haffi pick up dat; yuh can use "Shampoo! Shampoo!" And if he's in a fight and nuh wish to throw any punches, him can always 'Fling him shoulder' and tek weh himself pon de Yeng Yeng!